Dex Kwasi // Official Lineupokc Music Video Drop // Ghost

Dex Kwasi // Official Lineupokc Music Video Drop // Ghost

LINEUPOKC: Dex Kwasi is a very unique and interesting name. Where does that come from? 

DEX KWASI: First name Dexter, middle name Kwasi, Kwasi is a Ghanaian name for those born on Sunday. I just decided to go with that, used to be known as N-Dex, but now I use that for my production only. 

 LINEUPOKC: Where are you from and where did you mainly grow up? 

DEX KWASI:  I was born in Dallas, TX to Ghanaian parents; I lived in Ghana in my younger years, and then moved to Oklahoma City from High school. I can say I was mainly brought up in Oklahoma City because I stayed and even went to OSU. 

LINEUPOKC: What inspires you the most to create music and have such a passion for creating music?

DEX KWASI:  I feel like just being a fan of music since birth and being around music daily is enough inspiration. Sometimes something’s can’t be communicated through speech so this medium serves us well. My journey through life as well paints various pictures to go with the music. 

LINEUPOKC:  What kind of style would you say your music is? 

DEX KWASI: I categorize my music now as AfroTrap. It started with hip hop bars, metaphors and punch lines, then went to Trap, then I got connected back with my West African side and just eventually merged the worlds into one sound. I’m basically Future over Afro inspired instrumentals.

LINEUPOKC: Most of your videos it looks like you’re always traveling and in different places. What’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to and does traveling so much impact your music and if so how?

DEX KWASI: My favorite place so far has been Cape Town, South Africa. It just represents a vibe with great weather and of course many beautiful women to interact with. My travels only affect my work out routine, but as far as music, it just brings more creativity as I see more so I’m able to pull from a lot more than the average.

LINEUPOKC:  Tell us a little bit about this video ghost and what it’s all about.

DEX KWASI:  The video is just a bit of nature, mixed with some high-end fashion and abstract imagery. The song itself details stories from my past life but I wanted a more artistic “picture-esque” video to take away from my harsh subject matter just for balance. 

LINEUPOKC: What else would you like people to know about Dex Kwasi?

DEX KWASI:  I want people to know that it’s perfectly fine to be yourself so we should all try it. Other than that, Akata Yesu is out October 17th, check out my YouTube channel: dadadex and also my soundcloud: dexkwasi for all my exclusives thus far, ranging from my videos being in Tokyo, Spain, London and even Southside OKC. A video for Avenor is out, you guys have an early exclusive for Ghost and the video for Bass (which just surpassed 100k Streams on spotify) will be out soon as well. Shout out to Lineupokc whoa whoa.  








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