Have A Good Time // Official Music Video

Have A Good Time // Official Music Video

An exclusive drop by LINEUPOKC

Split-Personality official music video and interview 

Split-Personality – LINEUPOKC interview

What does the name split personality mean? 

Split-Personality is a Multi-Faceted Entertainment Duo Using Hip-Hop as a Bridge from Our Culture To The World, with that the name was chosen to express our ability to have to completely different styles and abilities that mesh perfectly into one being, similar to a person suffering from the disorder.

What got the both of you involved in music? 

Sibling Rivalry. Leeru first wrote a verse to Deelo's "No Hoe" while on vacation and when he returned home, showed 2Much what he had created. Upon hearing the newfound gift, the sibling rivalry kicked in so, not to be outdone by his younger brother, wrote a verse too. A friend over heard the two comparing verses and suggested the two record the track and a freestyle/single and we did just that. Everything prior to that point was a hobby.

What projects have you put out, and are you working on anything new at the moment?

Our Discography Includes "Trail2fame" - 2014 “B.Y.O.B." (Be Your Own Boss) - 2015Our latest project "Diagnosed" is on the Spinrilla App and available for download.  As for new content we are working on and untitled project that we plan to release this fall, but be on the lookout for a couple of the project's singles & videos by following us on Twitter @Splitptv!!

What do you want people to know about split personality and everything you have going on? 

We are the next Premier Entertainment Duo Period. We've played the humble role and now it's time for us to claim what is rightfully ours. We thrive on a stellar Live Performance with complete crowd control and interaction. We have been working hard and building all the necessary connections we need to take Oklahoma Hip-hop Global

Where are you from and do you feel Oklahoma has had any impact on the music you make? 

The Duo Calls OKC home, while each member respectively hail from different areas of the country. And the place a partial or group is from can and does help shape and mold the artists' brand or style, but, musically, we haven't been here long enough at one set time to say that has happened to us. From long stints living in Atlanta, GA to traveling and performing all over the country we do our best NOT to be home lol. U can't Rep your state until u Leave it.

Where can people find and follow you on social media? 

Twitter @SplitPTV 

Instagram @SplitPTV

Where can people find your music? 

Soundcloud -www.Soundcloud.com/Split-Personality 

Spotify - https://play.spotify.com/album/2lw4v1NJMPh6U8E10sNfmm 

iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/so-many-bxtches/id1029044256

What are your goals and future accomplishments you hope to achieve in the near future? 

No Hope. U only Hope when you haven't put forth the required work, effort, and time. We've prepared ourselves and will continue to, until our time comes for All mainstream accomplishments to occur. Things such as Grammys, various platform awards, shit an Oscar when our music begins infiltrate and influence films. We want it all.

Anything else you want to share about your experience or what you have coming up? 

More Shows! More Visuals! More Music! 

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"Out of Control" // LINEUPOKC Exclusive Drop

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